The V7 is the first variant of this control system. It is a combination of a frequency regulator and a PLC in one device.





You now have a V7 control system. Select from among the various tabs on this page to find the information you’re looking for.

General paper manuals :
Set-up Doorcontrol
Set-up half open position

To adjust your automatic, you DOOR must be equipped with a photocell safety. 
Set-up automatic closure (with 2 timers)

The connected components control:
Control crash protection
Control photocell with reflector
Control photocell sender/receiver


A distinction must be made in the diagrams among the following categories:

Moving the door vertically open and shut.

Or moving the door horizontally open and closed.

Click HERE to be able to find out which version you have.

If this version is lower than 1.1.9, then contact your supplier.

General video support:

Set-up position Doorcontrol (the first time, the message E15 will appear for it in the display)

Set-up automatic close (to apply this, the door MUST be provided with a photocell safety)

Adjust half-open status which is also called the personal passage. (this does demand and extra push button)

Here you will find videos for correcting possible malfunctions:

Malfunctions E01 (mechanical blocks)

Malfunction E09 (Crash protection / safety edge)

Malfunction E10 (Crash protection / safety edge)

Malfunction J9 (photocell sender /receiver)

Malfunction J11 (press button open)

Malfunction J15 of J17 (Stop or emergency stop)